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Peachtree Clinic: Best Hair Treatment Clinic In Pune. Peachtree Clinic’s Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Loss Is Natural, Safe & Long Lasting With Visible Results In 6 Weeks.

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Why Peachtree?

Peachtree is a Homeopathy, Cosmetic, and Weight loss Clinic, specializing in Homeopathic & non-surgical treatments for the face, hair, and body. Dr. Smita Patil is the founder of Peachtree Clinic. We have successfully treated many patients for various ailments. Our specialization and interest are on trichology, skin issues, and weight loss, where we treat skin, hair, and obesity issues using homeopathic medicines.

The diet and lifestyle counseling we offer is a gradual process, but the best and the only way to cure any symptoms from its roots. Here at Peachtree Clinic, our mission is to treat the root cause of the disease using homeopathy. We also focus on nutrition to achieve a permanent cure.


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